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Test Retest – Benchmark Workouts

You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure. Something I've always loved about running is that it's not just a battle to determine the winner. Most kids will never win a race, in a race with 100 kids, only one can be the winner. However, often the greatest wins are just knowing that you're improving and…
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Kids Running Shoes

One question I frequently get asked is what shoe should I run in, or should my kid run in. If you ask 100 Colorado runners what shoes they should run in, you're bound to get 100¬†different answers. First let's talk about running shoes, what your young cross country runner will wear to practice on a…
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Stop Static Stretching

[caption id="attachment_211" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo Credit: Pauline Guiltmot[/caption] When I time high school cross country races or spectate high school basketball games, I still see kids sitting on the ground static stretching, getting ready for battle and I wince. Static stretching is dead and you won't find the Colorado Coyotes performing static stretches. It reminds…
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Should My Child Run Year Round?

In 2016, your child can play any sports year round. Your youngster¬†can literally play more basketball games in a year than Steph Curry and more soccer games than Lionel Messi. Running is no different, you can run indoor track in the winter, move onto spring/summer track and then spend the fall running cross country, not…
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Boys & Girls – The Development Years

The time gap between elite male runners and elite women runners generally hovers around 11% with males outperforming females. What's interesting is that the gap doesn't take place until about the age of ten when boys start to enter puberty and gain an advantage. Up until the age of ten, boys and girls can compete…
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The Importance of Proper Pacing

Racing is an opportunity to compete and test yourself against your peers. When running a two mile race, is the goal to find out who is the fastest at the 200 meter mark? The obvious answer is no, but it seems that a lot of athletes ignore that fact.
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